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Therapy for Moms

In Charlotte, NC

Moms and Babies

We specialize in serving, moms on the fertility journey,  expecting moms,  new moms, foster and/or adoptive moms,  moms experiencing loss,  veteran moms,  single moms,  working moms, stay-at home moms,  LGBTQ moms (& dads),  moms of multiples,  moms of medically fragile children,  special needs moms,  "my teen is driving me crazy" moms,  empty nest moms and even the mom we didn't list!  You get the picture,  we serve all things mom. We know how important a mother is to her family, healthy moms equal healthy families! 

Our team is trained through Postpartum Support International (PSI), a leading resource for peripartum mental health. We've dedicated and careers and our practice to working with mothers through every stage of life. We specialize in following women through motherhood as they face and process all the emotions and challenges that come with being a mother. In addition we help mothers find balance and recognize the importance of self-care.

We offer evidence-based counseling techniques as the highest standard to assist families during pregnancy and postpartum:

Pregnancy support

Postpartum depression

Postpartum anxiety

Postpartum OCD

Postpartum PTSD


Support during infertility treatments

Anxiety and depression

Miscarriage and loss

Adoption support

Relationship counseling

Maternal Mental Health (MMH) disorders can occur within pregnancy or the postpartum period (together referred to as the perinatal period) and encompass a range of disorders including depression, anxiety and psychosis.  When left untreated, these disorders can cause devastating consequences for the mother, her baby, her family and society. Maternal anxiety and depression are the most common complications of childbirth, impacting up to 1 in 5 women, yet they are not commonly screened for or treated. These illnesses can be caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and social stressors, such lack of support.

If you are experiencing a crisis, reach out to PSI and text HOME to 741741.  If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

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