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Next Group Start Date is pending. Please fill out the interest form below to be contacted with additional information.

For women ages 13-18.
Are you a teenager struggling with feelings of anxiety around other people? Do you find yourself avoiding interacting with other people or obsessing about how other people perceive you? It’s hard to live a life according to what matters to you when you’re afraid of what others might think. When we fear embarrassment and judgment from others, we may isolate ourselves to stay safe, only to end up lonely and depressed in the long run. If you want to feel more secure in yourself and prepared to handle anxiety-provoking situations, this group would be an excellent space for you. The goal of this group is to help you understand your anxiety, find compassion for yourself, and develop skills for coping with anxious feelings. 

Group Interest Form

Please take the time to fill out the information below and input the group you would like to sign up for. We will contact you with more information via email

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