Postpartum Groups

 In Charlotte, NC

Motherhood Support: Postpartum Group Therapy

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Motherhood Support:

In this group you’ll get support and advice to adjust to your new role as a parent, learn to better communicate with your partner and family, identify and combat postpartum depression, learn skills to cope with new parent stress and anxiety and build a community with other new moms.


One of the biggest stressors for new parents is that your world is turned upside down and you suddenly find yourself isolated, but never alone. In this group you’ll connect with other new moms and start to build a mommy network to get you through those difficult, but rewarding, first months and years of your baby’s life. 


Shawna Lauer, MFT is an experienced psychotherapist and mom. She’ll help educate and guide the group through this six-week group therapy series. 

We created this group because we believe it takes a village…to raise a baby and a mother!

Why Group Therapy?

Group therapy is proven to be as effective as individual therapy for a number of issues, including depression and anxiety. For that reason, group therapy is efficient and cost effective – typically half the price of an individual therapy session, with added benefits. You’ll learn from the expert facilitator as well as the knowledgeable and amazing women who’ll join you in this group.


More Details:

  • Space is limited to 6 participants per session

  • All sessions are virtual

  • $60 per session

  • 6 week series, see flyer below for specific dates

  • For moms and babies up to 12 months of age. 

Weekly Topics will Include:

  • Role transitions & the 4th trimester

  • An overview of postpartum wellness & moods. Education about the baby blues, postpartum depression & anxiety

  • The "Good Enough Mother." Self-Care, relaxation skills and stress management

  • The New Nest: From partners to parents, Communication with partners/family members

  • Breastfeeding concerns & returning to work

  • Choosing a childcare provider

At Charlotte Women’s Counseling you are not alone, we’re here to help!

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