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Next Group Start Date is pending. Please fill out the interest form below to be contacted with additional information.

So, the baby has arrived. Now what? This group is for new moms who are looking for community, support, and a space to explore the challenges, lessons, and unique moments that new parenthood might bring. Often as we enter parenthood, the emphasis is put on the nine months leading up to birthing, but after the last of the visitors have left and the food chains and check-in texts stop coming, we are often left living a life we are not familiar with and feeling isolated, scared and often vulnerable. If any of these words feel like they describe this time, this group is for you. 

Group Overview

Week One: Expectations

Week Two: Sleep

Week Three: Identity 

Week Four: Baby Blues vs. Postpartum

Week Five: Partnership

Week Six: Values and Community

Group Interest Form

Please take the time to fill out the information below and input the group you would like to sign up for. We will contact you with more information via email

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