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Michelle Fernandez

Therapist for women and mothers in Charlotte, NC


Hi, I am Michelle,

Let me start off by saying that I am so proud of you for being here. Taking the first step toward talking to someone can feel scary and draining. As a woman and a mom, I am also someone who has significantly benefitted from counseling personally. So, when I talk about how scary a step talking to a counselor can feel like I truly understand.

I am a big believer that counseling is grounded in relationships and that the best work can be done when we feel seen, safe, and held. So here is a bit about me – I am a Latina (Cuban and Panamanian, to be exact), a mom to a wild seven-year-old, and one of those rare Charlotte people who grew up here. I am also a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate passionate about women’s mental health and a specialty in perinatal mental health.


My approach to counseling is rooted in both feminist and person-centered multicultural therapy. Still, my main goal is to listen and help you find whatever path and process work best for your lived experiences. Once we enter the counseling space, I am there to learn from you; after all, you are the expert in your experiences and emotions, so I see my role as a companion versus an authority.

Working together, we will help you explore who you are and what makes you come alive. We will explore the systems and beliefs that might contribute to your feelings and equip you with the tools and language to advocate for your health and well-being to yourself and others.

I can’t wait to meet you and to walk these next steps with you. 

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