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Michelle Fernandez

Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Fernandez, Michelle Bio Photo.jpg

Hi, I am Michelle, and I am glad you are here. 


I am proud of you for just being here, and I am here to sit with you as you navigate this time of vulnerability and exploration. Let me tell you a bit about me – I am a third-year counseling student with a passion for women’s mental health and specifically perinatal mental health. I am a mom, an avid reader, lover of flowers, tea, and art. I am also someone who has significantly benefitted from counseling personally. So, when I tell you how big and scary a step talking to a counselor can feel like I understand.

My approach to counseling is rooted in both feminist and narrative therapy, but I will listen and help you find whatever path and process work best for you and your situation and goals. I believe that once we enter the counseling space, I am there to learn from you; after all, you are the expert in your experiences and emotions, so I see my role as a companion versus an authority. Working together, we will help you explore who you are and what things make you come alive. We will explore the systems and beliefs that might contribute to how you are feeling and equip you with the tools and language to advocate for your health and wellbeing to yourself and others.

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