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Coping with Infertility

Counseling in Charlotte, NC for women facing fertility challenges.

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Facing fertility challenges can be overwhelming and impact many areas of your life. The uncertainty alone can cause daily symptoms of anxiety and depression. We are here to help normalize the emotional experiences that are tied to fertility struggles. Our goal is to help process the emotions of, numbness, disbelief, profound sadness, guilt, anger and envy, loneliness and an overall apprehension about the future. These are just a few things you may be feeling as you come to terms with reproductive trauma. 

Therapy at Charlotte Women's Counseling for fertility challenges will provide support and a safe space to address the grief & loss of how you hoped this stage of life would look. Society does not tend to make space for women facing fertility challenges, and many women find that well intended sympathetic comments from family and friends leave them feeling more hurt and misunderstood.  

Therapy can provide tools to help you cope with the loss and uncertainty about the future. We will work with you to use a number of active strategies to identify, evaluate, and modify unhelpful thoughts and attributions; strategies to engage in adaptive behaviors in the face of life stress and strategies to attain acceptance and centeredness. 

Therapy offers you the opportunity to share your unique journey and challenges without feeling as if you are or need to be compared to others with similar experiences. We hope to help you find perspective, create meaning achieve acceptance and take care of yourself during an understandably devastating time in your life where little support and resources exist. 

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