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Couples Therapy

Counseling for Couples in Charlotte, NC
*Waitlist requests only at this time.

Pregnant Woman and Partner

Therapy is a safe space to explore relationship issues and discover goals together. As we search for fulfilling relationships, it can often get difficult. Charlotte Women’s Counseling has the expertise to serve couples by working collaboratively to identify your desires and needs. Couples therapy can be a place to explore relationship complexities, reconnect, express relationship issues and problem solve. Relationship change and repair is possible with support and communication.

Couples therapy can be used to enhance an already healthy relationship as well as reconnect a struggling couple. Using an evidence and research-based approach, couples therapy is available to support struggling relationships and transform problems. We will work collaboratively to respectfully understand the issues and pain-points which are creating strain on the relationship. Furthermore, premarital counseling is also an option to explore the couple relationship as well as marriage.


Issues that bring couples to therapy include:

  • Work-Life-Family Balance 

  • Mental Illness

  • Extended Family

  • Blended Family 

  • Intimacy 

  • Pre-marital

  • Conflict/Relationship Distress

  • Communication Issues

  • Transitional Stress

  • Relationship Maintenance 

  • Grief/Loss

  • Parenting

  • Family Conflict


We are here to help you create the relationship you desire! At Charlotte Women’s Counseling, we want to cultivate a space for every family, couple, and individual to live authentically and feel empowered in your relationships. 

Meet Jenny Graham, LCMHCA. Jenny is Gottman Level 1 trained, a science based approach to couples counseling.

Join Jenny's Waitlist for Couples Counseling.


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