Erica Ardern, 


Therapist for teens in Charlotte NC.

Ardern Headshot.jpeg

I am here to listen without judgment, to hold a space that is safe for you to say anything that is on your mind, and to support and encourage you on your journey to a greater sense of

wellbeing and mental health.


I am the person in your corner, someone who truly has your best interest at heart and who wants you to succeed. My philosophy and approach to counseling is that while I have a certain skill set, you are the expert on yourself and what is best for you.

Together, we can set and achieve goals that will bring you satisfaction and peace. This is a

collaborative process, one in which I hope you will always feel the freedom to give me your

feedback and take charge of your own healing.

I am especially passionate about working with individuals who are managing depression,

anxiety, trauma, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. My favorite age group to work with is

adolescents and young adults ages 12 and up, but love and appreciate the opportunity to work

with clients of any age. I also have a passion for supporting moms in balancing the many work,

home, and relationship demands that motherhood brings. I encourage self-love and self-

compassion in all things.

My love for supporting the growth and wellbeing of others through counseling began in high

school and has only grown with my education. I have always recognized this profession as my

calling; the appreciation I have for the work we will do together has no bounds. I graduated

from Furman University with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology in May of 2020, and I

recently (2022) earned my Master of Arts degree in clinical mental health counseling from the

University of North Carolina at Charlotte. As part of my graduate training, I worked with clients

through NorthStar Clinical Services and through the private practice of its founder, Derrick

Johnson. I then completed an internship and found an amazing fit here at CWC, and I knew

there was no better place for me to continue my growth as a clinician. I’m so excited to be back

and can’t wait to work with you!