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Erica Ardern, 


Therapist for Women, mothers and  teens in Charlotte NC.

Ardern Headshot.jpeg

I am here to listen without judgment, to hold a space that is safe for you to say anything that is on your mind, and to support and encourage you on your journey to a greater sense of

wellbeing and mental health.


I am the person in your corner, someone who truly has your best interest at heart and who wants you to succeed. My philosophy and approach to counseling is that while I have a certain skill set, you are the expert on yourself and what is best for you. As a woman and mother you care for so many others, here we will help you create habits to also care for you. 

Together, we can set and achieve goals that will bring you satisfaction and peace. This is a

collaborative process, one in which I hope you will always feel the freedom to give me your

feedback and take charge of your own healing.

I am especially passionate about working with individuals who are managing depression,

anxiety, trauma, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. I am trained through Postpartum Support International in Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders, this provides me specialized tools to work with women and mothers going through pregnancy, postpartum or infertility. I truly have a passion for supporting moms in balancing the many work, home, and relationship demands that motherhood brings. I encourage self-love and self-compassion in all things. I have been helping women navigate these life transitions for over a year at Charlotte Women's Counseling. 

In addition I enjoy working with adolescents and young adults ages 12 and up. I also run the Body Image Group and the Social Anxiety group for teens! I graduated from UNCC and I receive supervision from Shawna Lauer, LMFT-QS.


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