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Erica Ardern, 


Therapist for Women, mothers and  teens in Charlotte NC.

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I specialize in working with adolescents and young adults and also have expertise in supporting women in balancing the many work, home, and relationship demands that life brings. I am especially passionate about working with individuals who are managing depression, anxiety, trauma, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies.


Adolescence is such a crucial point in a person’s life. Building self-worth in a world focused on grades, achievements, and planning for the future can feel like an uphill battle. Doing that plus navigating friendships and figuring out who you are is a recipe for overwhelm. To intervene during this time is to help teenagers enter adulthood in healthy relationships with both themselves and other people. I help teens who struggle with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, communication skills, managing stress, navigating relationships, and building a positive identity to reach their goals and find contentment. 

Entry into motherhood is another pivotal moment in a woman’s life. The challenges of motherhood are immense and the measures of success are invisible, so they can easily trigger past trauma and shake our self-esteem. I want to help you to cultivate a positive relationship with your emotions so that you feel empowered to show up the way you want to for your own children. If you are interested in breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma in your family, I am here to walk alongside you. 


I earned my Master’s in Counseling at UNCC and received training through Postpartum Support International in Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders, providing me with specialized tools to work with women and mothers going through pregnancy, postpartum or infertility. I incorporate methods from cognitive-behavioral therapy, attachment theory, and mindfulness practices to create an empowering and supportive environment for each of my clients.


I am here to listen without judgment, to hold a space that is safe for you to say anything that is on your mind, and to support and encourage you on your journey to a greater sense of wellbeing and mental health. My philosophy and approach to counseling is that it is a collaborative process. While I have a certain skill set, you are the expert on yourself. Together, we can set and achieve goals that will bring you satisfaction and peace. 


I receive supervision from Shawna Lauer, LMFT-QS.


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