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Jenny Graham, LCMHCA

Therapist for women, mothers and couples

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As women we face an overwhelming amount of pressure to be perfect. We need a safe, non judgmental space to express our fears of never being “good enough.” My goal as a therapist is to listen and provide you support as we navigate the unique challenges and pressures you face every day. This is a space for you to put yourself and your well-being first, something we don't often feel like is an option as a mother and woman.


I also enjoy working with the dynamic of couples, I am Gottman Level 1 trained and use this science based approach in couples counseling. In addition, I have completed training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders through Postpartum Support International, therefore I am also able to serve women who are experiencing fertility challenges or going through pregnancy and postpartum. When combined these trainings help me provide support for couples, families and individuals going through postpartum, pregnancy, infertility including complications that accompany these life transitions.

In addition I think it is helpful to focus on how trauma and life experiences can impact maladaptive thoughts on identity. This may include your identity as a woman, a mother, a queer person, a person of color, or any other identity you bring to our sessions. I strive to create an inclusive environment where we can explore these identities, how they intersect, and how you can become your best self. 

I am also passionate about creating an inclusive space for LGBT+ clients. As queer women, it often feels like we face added layers of discrimination, stress, and invalidation. If you are struggling with your identity or feeling that weight of being a queer person, my goal is help you unpack that weight and understand that your experiences are valid and important. 


I am a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counseling Associate and graduated from UNCC and I am supervised by Venus Kennedy, LCMHCS 

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