Jenny Graham, LCMHCA

LGBT+ therapist in Charlotte NC

Jenny Graham Headshot.JPG

As women we face an overwhelming amount of pressure to be perfect. We need a safe, non judgmental space to express our fears of never being “good enough.” My goal as a therapist is to listen and provide you support as we navigate the unique challenges and pressures you face every day. This is a space for you to put yourself and your well-being first. 

If you are struggling with symptoms of anxiety or depression, or experiencing feelings of stress and overwhelm, you are not alone. I am dedicated to working with you one on one and I am confident we can find tools that meet your needs and relieve some of the distress you are experiencing- and most importantly feel like your authentic self.

I specialize in focusing on how trauma can impact maladaptive thoughts on identity. This may include your identity as a woman, a mother, a queer person, a person of color, or any other identity you bring to our sessions. I strive to create an inclusive environment where we can explore these identities, how they intersect, and how you can become your best self. 


In addition to working with women, I am passionate about creating an inclusive space for LGBT+ clients. As queer women, it often feels like we face added layers of discrimination, stress, and invalidation. If you are struggling with your identity or feeling that weight of being a queer person, my goal is help you unpack that weight and understand that your experiences are valid and important. 


I am a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counseling Associate. I completed my Masters in Counseling at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in May of 2022. I have completed training in Perinatal Mood Disorders through Postpartum Support International, therefore I am also able to serve women who are experiencing fertility challenges, going through pregnancy and postpartum.